Privacy policy

A1 Europe LLC respects and upholds the user rights to privacy. Below you will find the information detailing how we obtain, retain, process and use information and also how we secure the personal data we collect using the appropriate technological solutions

  1. Your information
    1. Information collected during addition to the newsletter

      In order to index the free of charge newsletter, we ask you to provide your name or nickname and also your email. Information received in such a form is added to our database.

    2. Information collected automatically.

      When you visit our website, some information is stored automatically. For example, your IP address, the type and version of your web browser, the domain name, etc.  

    3. Information collected for consultation purposes.

      Contacting A1 Europe LLC through internet communicators, e-mail, by phone, or by filling out the project questionnaire, leads to the transfer of the following; name and surname, e-mail address, information regarding the company in question, etc. This accumulated information is only used for the purposes of your cooperation with A1 Europe LLC. 

  2. The use of the information provided by you on our website. 
    1. Information provided by you on our website

      The information we gather when you request our newsletter (name and e-mail address) will be used with the sole purpose of the distribution of the informational/promotional newsletter of A1 Europe LLC. The information will not be transferred to third parties or other companies/institutions. 

    2. Data collected automatically. 

      Data collected automatically by our server may be used for statistical research, user behavior on the homepage and the other subpages on the website of A1 Europe LLC.

    3. Information collected for consultation purposes. 

      All the data mentioned are used by A1 Europe LLC only for the purposes of granting consultations regarding E.U. grants within the premises of cooperation with A1 Europe LLC.  

    4. Governmental Audit

      In the case of governmental audit your information may be revealed. If a company is accused of illegal activity, or if the law requires it, A1 Europe LLC may provide your personal data to the relevant local law enforcement agency.  

    5. Use of cookies.

      The home page and all of the sub-pages of the A1 Europe LLC’s website may use cookies, which are used to identify the user and to ease certain procedures. Files of such type do not contain any personal information.

    6. News updates . 

      A1 Europe LLC reserves the right to send information regarding industry news, special promotions, and tenders to people who have provided their name and email address and have agreed with our privacy policy. The information will not be sent more often than four times per week

  3. The security of your personal data. 
    1. Database. 

      A1 Europe LLC guarantees that your personal data will not be transferred in any form to third parties. They are only used in the instances described.

  4. Changes in the privacy policy of the company. 
    1. Changes in the privacy policy of the company. 

  5. Contact 
    1. In case of doubt or additional questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us by phone: +48 881 760 727