Our comprehensive offer for obtaining and managing European Union grants.

We offer comprehensive services for companies, municipalities, civic partnerships, and non-profit organizations, starting with an analysis of the initial investment plan and by selecting the most desirable financing option. The next step is creating the grant application along with all the necessary documentation. The final step is the settlement of the investment.:)

Stage I. Consultancy and analysis

  • Analysis and verification of the investment plan and its eligibility for available E.U. grants
  • Recommendation of the most beneficial solutions for the investment projects
  • Assessment of the best program or programs in terms of the most suitable application reception period
  • Simulation of the probability of obtaining the grant 

Stage II. Project planning

  • Choice of the best source of funding for the investment with consideration of the planned terms of the application period
  • Proposal of the alternative solutions
  • Consultation during the phase of project preparation with the goal of receiving the highest attainable assessment rating

Stage III. The preparation of application documents

  • Preparation of the grant application
  • Preparation of additional documentation: the visibility study and business plan
  • Assistance in obtaining the required attachments (certification of the level of innovation, financial documents, market research, building permits, etc.)
  • Preparation of a financial analysis of the planned investment
  • Completion and submission of the documents required by the application criteria
  • If necessary, correction of the application

Stage IV. Investment Monitoring

  • Consultations with E.U. grant institutions during the application approval period
  • Assistance in signing contracts with these institutions
  • Monitoring and control during the project maturity period
  • Consultancy during the implementation of the investment project
  • Preparation of the payment application

Stage V. Settlement of the E.U. project

  • Preparation of the necessary financial settlement in the required schedule and format (technical reports, financial reports,  completion report, and lastly application for the refund)
  • Cooperation with the vendors and suppliers to ascertain and verify the issued invoices with relation to the grant requirements
  • Preparation of the completion report from the complete investment  

Our additional comprehensive services

  • Support and assistance in preparation and representation during the external investment audit of the EU
  • Participation in the revocation procedure
  • Guidance in creating cooperation with researchers and scientists in specific fields

The valuation of any given service is based on the specific needs of our clients; it depends on the type of project, how broad the investment is and also the amount of work required.

If you are not interested in our comprehensive consultancy and services in obtaining grants, take a look at our offer of additional services for specific components.