Efficient assistance in the preparation of grant applications

A1 Europe has been providing services in obtaining E.U. grants for a wide variety of investment projects since 2003.

For almost twelve years we have been successfully obtaining grants for companies throughout Poland. The success that we achieved has resulted in A1 Europe being presented in “Forbes“ and “European Funds“ magazines’ rankings as one of the most effective consulting companies in the country.

We specialise in understanding our client’s needs and providing them with the necessary level of support throughout the whole investment period by providing professional and consistent care through our base of experienced consultants, thus ensuring the most effective strategy in obtaining any given grant.

Applying for E.U. grants is a complex process. It requires devoting a great deal of time to prepare the application, a creative approach to the required criteria, flexibility in acting and making decisions, studying numerous documents, and most importantly, a detailed knowledge of the requirements of the E.U. grant market. The Acknowledgement of effects of our work is evident in the references given by our Clients.

We guarantee all the expertise and supervision necessary to obtain E.U. grants, refine the investment proposal, to choose the best financial source, prepare the application, cooperate effectively during the realization of the project, and then perform the necessary accounting of the investment project. Click to see more.

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Our expertise and professional team is your guarantee of success!


Our services for consultancy and in obtaining funding:
  • Assistance in adapting your planned investment to E.U. requirements and regulations
  • Guidance in selecting the best financing source
  • Preparation of the grant application along with the required documentation and attachments
  • Preparation of the business plan and the feasibility study
  • Monitoring and auditing of the project realisation
  • Advice at each step of project implementation
  • Preparation of the payment application
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary financial statements in accordance with the IFRS
  • Settlement of the whole project
  • Management of the project by a certified project manager
  • Upon special request, additional services associated with the grant process